Unit III Discovering the Obvious
Lesson 2 The School

Rubric for Portfolio Exhibits




Performance Indicators Possible Points Actual Score
Very appropriate for topic and intelligence; communicates superior knowledge of topic; very clearly presented with high quality; shows much creativity. 5  
Appropriate for topic and intelligence and communicates strong knowledge of topic; clearly presented; shows quality and creativity, but may not be up to superior standards. 4  
Displays topic and intelligence, but not completely appropriate; communicates some knowledge of topic but may not be completely clear or show high quality and/or creativity. 3  
Not appropriate for topic and/or intelligence and may be incomplete; communicates little knowledge of topic; unclear and/or poor quality or shows little creativity; below average standards. 2  
Unorganized, poorly documented; large parts are incomplete and/or inaccurate; difficult to follow; poor quality shows poor effort. 1  
Exhibit not submitted. 0  

from http://sun.kent.wednet.edu/KSD/KR/ScienceDept/subjects/physicspages/port.rubric.html.


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