How Not to Conduct an Interview


Reporter: Hey. Hey you....

Guest: Who, me?

Reporter: Yeah, you... come here. I have to ask you some questions. Get over here.

Guest: Yes, what would you like to know?

Reporter: What's your name?

Guest: Gary.

Reporter: What?

Guest: Gary.

Reporter: Really? Gary? I hate that name. Hey... where are you from?

Guest: Shreveport.

Reporter: Are you married?

Guest: No.

Reporter: What's your wife's name?

Guest: I said I'm NOT married.

Reporter: Oh. Are you here on vacation?

Guest: Yes.

Reporter: Where are you from?

Guest: As I said, I'm from Shreveport.

Reporter: Shreveport. . . that's where they have the Jazz Festival.

Guest: No, that's New Orleans. I'm from Shreveport.

Reporter: Is your wife from New Orleans?

Guest: Shreveport, ... and no, I'm not married.

Reporter: Don't blame me. So, what have you seen so far in Baton Rouge?

Guest: So far I've seen the State Capitol and the Governor's Mansion.

Reporter: I think the State Capitol is stupid. It's a big waste of money. It's just like this giant candy box, so it's supposed to be totally awesome or something. AS IF. You should see the Governor's Mansion instead.

Guest: Well, as I said, I HAVE seen the Governor's Mansion.

Reporter: Cool. Are you going to see Mount Rushmore?

Guest: Well, I might some day, but Mount Rushmore isn't in Louisiana.

Reporter: Whatever. Okay, I'm done, you can go.

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