Unit II Classroom Applications of Fieldwork Basics
Lesson 4 Teams in the Field

Student Post-Interview Review Questions

After the interview is finished, the team meets to review the session, including the notes, photos, and recordings to see if there are additional questions that need to be asked of the interviewee, discuss the mechanics and content of the interview, and plan subsequent interviews.

  1. Is the technical quality of the audio recordings good? Is the audio clear? Loud enough? Is there background noise? If there are any problems, what can we do next time to avoid them?

  2. Did we ask open-ended questions? Did we ask good follow-up questions?

  3. What did we learn about the topics we covered?

  4. What questions should we ask in the next interview, either with this interviewee or another?

  5. What did we learn about doing interviews?

  6. Are there any topics discussed that we need more information on? Anything that is unclear?

  7. What did we learn about ourselves as a result of doing the interview?

  8. What should we do differently next time?

  9. What did each student enjoy most?






Adapted with permission from Talking Gumbo: A Teacher's Guide to Using Oral History in the Classroom by Pamela Dean, Toby Daspit, and Petra Munro. T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History, Louisiana State University, 1998.

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