Unit II Classroom Applications of Fieldwork Basics
Lesson 4 Teams in the Field

Questions for Traditional Craft Artists

Identify someone in your community who does a traditional craft, like basketry, quilting, woodworking, etc. Interview them using the questions below and ask them to sign a release form or give an oral release so that you can use the information you gather for future projects.

Name of Student Interviewer: _____________________ Date: ____________

Name of Interviewee:____________________________________________

Male or Female (circle) Age:__ Written Release Acquired? __ Oral Release? __


  1. What is your name? Please spell it. When and where were you born?

  2. What is the traditional art form or craft that you do?

  3. Is this tradition specific or important to your culture? If so, please describe how and when it is used in your community.

  4. How old were you when you first learned this traditional art?

  5. Who taught you this skill? (Tell me more.)

  6. Where (location, country, etc) did you learn it?

  7. How long have you been doing this traditional art?

  8. What materials do you need to do it?

  9. Where do you get your materials?

  10. What tools do you use? Please spell the names of them.

  11. Do you use any patterns or plans in your work?

  12. What are the basic steps to make a piece of this art? Please show an example of the steps in the process.

  13. How long does it take to do a typical project?

  14. Are you known for any particular technique or style? If so, what?

  15. How is your work different from the work of others who do what you do?

  16. How is your work similar to the work of others? Are there things you all have in common?

  17. What do you like about what you do and why do you feel it is important to continue this tradition?

  18. Is there anything you don't like about what you do?

  19. Have you ever taught others how to do this traditional art? Why or why not? What is the importance of passing on traditions?

  20. What is your favorite pattern/style/item to make?

  21. What makes a good/beautiful craft/basket/quilt? How do you judge a piece to see if it's good?

  22. Do you have anything you would like to add?

Adapted with permission from the Portraits of Oregon Project of the Oregon Historical Society Folklife Program.

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