Unit II Classroom Applications of Fieldwork Basics
Lesson 5 Making Use of Fieldwork

Preparing a PowerPoint Presentation Worksheet

Name ______________________________  Date _____________________

I: Preparation

  1. Before you begin, review the materials you've gathered.
  2. ___ Which photographs are most relevant?

    ___ What words of the Interviewee are most important?

    ___ What conclusions have you drawn?

    ___ What has been revealed in the illustrations and mapping of the space?

  3. Create a Thesis Statement to guide your presentation. What is the "heart of the story?" When you think about the interview, what seems to be most important? Here is an example:
  4. The heart of our Interviewee's story was that she was helping to keep her family name alive by managing the family business.

    Write your Thesis Statement: What is "the heart" of your Interviewee's story?



  5. Write three Main Points that support your Thesis Statement.
  6. _____________________________________________________________________



II: Putting The Presentation Together

  1. General Guidelines for Presentation
  2. ___ Each slide should have a photograph or illustration and text.

    ___ Get input from each group member and make use of each student's materials (audio recordings/transcripts, photographs, illustrations and maps, fieldnotes).

    ___ Make use of the Interviewee's direct words at least once.

    ___ Prepare a minimum of ten slides.

  3. Slides: Use large text and clear photographs. They should contain:
  4. ___ Slide #1  Title Slide: A title for the presentation, the group members' names, and date of presentation.

    ___ Slide #2  Interview Slide: Title of fieldwork topic, name of Interviewee (and position if appropriate) date and location of interview.

    ___ Slide #3  Biographical information about interviewee. Where s/he was born, raised, ethnic background, family, occupation, and so on.

    ___ Slide #4  Thesis Statement and Background: The "heart of the story" plus background information about fieldwork that helps audience to understand it.

    ___ Slide #5  First main point (or event)

    ___ Slide #6  Second main point (or event)

    ___ Slide #7  Third main point (or event)

    ___ Slide #8  From this interview, we learned ________________________.

    ___ Slide #9  Conclusions: Group members' reactions: What did you find challenging? What pre-existing assumptions were overturned? Why was this work important?

    ___ Slide #10  Bibliography of outside sources.

III: The Presentation

___ 1. One student should introduce the group members.

___ 2. Each student should speak during the presentation.

___ 3. Each student should speak clearly and help the audience understand the value of the fieldwork.

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