Unit II Classroom Applications of Fieldwork Basics
Lesson 2 and 3


Taking Notes

1. For starters, have students use the Note Taking form below for the activities in this lesson. The limited response spaces on the left force students to capture only the most important ideas as they listen, while the corresponding spaces on the right provide a place for correcting or expanding those original concepts.

2. Using one of the listening opportunities described in Improving Listening Skills, instruct students to listen for keywords in the passage, such as special language, terms, ideas, and questions, and jot them down on the left side of the Form.

3. Record their recalls on the chalkboard, and use this opportunity to show them how to delete trivial and repetitious information.

4. Then, have them listen to the passage again, encouraging them to "hear" even more this time.

5. Have them return to the Note Taking Form and add Additions and Corrections to their original notes on the right hand side. Have them compare notes with a partner to find out if some concepts that "escaped" them were heard and recorded by another.

6. Provide cassettes that can be checked out for more practice at home. Or, have them take notes from the evening news on TV, then compare them with the other students in class the next day.



Notetaking Worksheet

Name _____________________________   Date __________________________


  1. Listen carefully to the speaker, reader, audio, or video. Write down key words, important ideas, special language, terms, questions, and Insider / Outsider views on the left side.

  2. Reflect on your notes and write about your notes on the right side.


Reflections and/or Critiques

For a PDF of this worksheet click here.