Unit II Lesson 2 The Practice Interview
Unit III Lesson 2 Activity 1 Naming Traditions

Naming Traditions

Start your interviewing by sharing something you know about your own name as you introduce yourself. Then ask for your interviewee's full name and correct spelling. The questions below will help you get started as you research your interviewee's naming traditions.

Name of Interviewer __________________________________   Date ______________

Full Name of Interviewee __________________________________________________

Female or Male (circle) Age ______ Written Release? ______  Oral Release? ________

  1. Who named you?

  2. What do you know about your name?

  3. Were you named for anyone?

  4. Has your name ever changed?

  5. What do you like about your name?

  6. Have you ever had a nickname?

  7. Tell a story about your name

  8. What would you name a child? A pet?

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