Unit II Fieldwork Basics

Fieldwork Checklist

Title/Topic _______________________________________ Date _____________

Group Members

______________________ ______________________ ______________________

______________________ ______________________ ______________________


  1. Assign roles to group members. Choose these or make new ones.
  2. ___ research, ___ developing appropriate forms, ___ interviewer, ___ notetaker, ___ audio operator, ___ videographer, ___ photographer, ___ sound engineer, ___ audio logger, ___ mapping, ___ artifact collector, ___ equipment manager, ___ project designer, ___ editor, ___ transcriber, ___ photo manager, ___ cultural interpreter, ___ layout person, ___ archivist, ___ curator, ___ publicity manager

  3. Use this list to plan your fieldwork.

Tasks to Use   Complete On Date Task Completed Teacher
  Decide date that each job should be completed.      
  Design scope of fieldwork project.      
  Create a work plan.      
  Determine equipment and material needs.      
  Determine budget needs.      
  Organize teams and assign jobs.      
  Begin research of existing resources (local newspaper, school and local library, historical society, museums, Internet, Louisiana Folklife Program).      
  Identify new resources, potential interviewees.      
  Revisit scope of project to define fieldwork, stay on task.      
  Consider potential final products and adjust work plan and budget.      
  Obtain permission from school administrators to conduct interviews and, if applicable, to leave campus for interviews.      
  Begin documentation, using appropriate permission and survey forms.      
  Process documentation through transcription, checking notes, developing photos.      
  Conduct the interview.      
  Return for more interviews and fieldwork if necessary.      
  Develop final product.      
  Publicize final product if appropriate.      
  Thank interviewees and others involved in the project.      
  Evaluate project.      
  Store fieldwork results appropriately (class archive, student portfolio, local historical society, for example).      
  Other Tasks. (list)      








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