Unit I Defining Terms
Lesson 3 Folk Genres

Voices of Louisiana Worksheet - Part 2

Name _______________________________  Date __________________

  1. Turlie Richardson, West Feliciana Parish
    We'd have quiltings then, you know . . . we'd sit there and quilt out sometimes two or three quilts a day. You see, two people would cook, and the rest of 'em would quilt. They be there singing and having fun quilting. Well, it'd be in the first of the fall, at that time, 'cause we would have a fire in the hearth, and peanuts and potatoes, you know, and my uncle would go and kill squirrels and coons and stuff like that, rabbits, and we'd be just cooking molasses and bread and maybe peanut candy, and stuff. Oh, we'd have a good time. You'd have five or six ladies who'd stay till first night, then their husbands would come get them.

  2. Folk Group(s) / Proof Folk Genre(s) / Proof
    Neighbors/Friends/FamilyProof: five or six ladies, uncle, husbands Music Tradition
    Proof: singing while quilting and cooking
    Most likely African American or Anglo American, but not enough evidence to say which. Foodways
    Proof: making molasses, bread, peanut candy
    Louisiana ResidentProof: Lives in West Feliciana Parish< Material Culture
    Proof: quilting bee with family, friends
    Proof: family member hunted and provided squirrels and coons and rabbits.

  3. Captain Clarke "Doc" Hawley, Orleans Parish
    Tramp boats served the great purpose of entertaining people. We'd pull into little towns that didn't even have a newspaper, let alone a television station, and when we'd start playing the calliope, people would come from miles around. In those days, middle America didn't have much entertainment at home, and the only way of cooling off was to sit out on the front porch swing. We provided entertainment and a nice breeze off the river. Once people could sit in air-conditioned comfort and watch Milton Berle on the tube, our purpose was replaced, and the business started dying.

  4. Folk Group(s) / Proof Folk Genre(s) / Proof
    Proof: Proof:
    Proof: Proof:
    Proof: Proof:
    Proof: Proof:

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