Unit I Defining Terms
Lesson 2 Folk Groups

Folk Group Essay Checklist

Name ________________________________  Date ______________

Tasks: Choose one of your groups from your Folk Group Inventory Worksheet and write an essay about it. Include information listed in the Quality Features below.
  • Read each Quality Feature below.
  • Decide whether it is included in your essay.
  • Make an X in the Self column to show that you accomplished a task.
  • At the end of the lesson, your teacher will assess your performance and give you a grade.
Quality Features Self Teacher
1. I told the name of my folk group. ___ ___
2. I named some members of my folk group ___ ___
3. I explained when and where we get together. ___ ___
4. I wrote about two activities we do together. ___ ___
5. I explained the values and beliefs that my folk group shares. ___ ___
6. I explained why this group is important to me. ___ ___
7. I discussed some things that outsiders might not understand ___ ___
8. I explained how folklife is passed on by this folk group. ___ ___
9. I explained how folklife functions in the lives of this folk group. ___ ___
10. My essay helps observers and listeners understand my folk group. ___ ___

You completed ____ of the 10 items successfully. Your grade is ____.


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