Unit I Defining Terms

Cultural Processes in Action Worksheet



This exercise will help you discover your ideas about folklore and explore the complexity of folk, popular, and elite cultural processes.


Do Folklorists Study? Put Yes or No on Left


Y 1. Animal tales told by the Koasati Indians X    
  2. Jokes such as "dumb blonde" jokes told by college students      
  3. Graffiti in restrooms      
  4. Initiation rituals on oil rigs      
  5. Building Mardi Gras floats      
  6. River baptism in the Baptist Church      
  7. Attending a Louisiana Philharmonic Symphony concert      
  8. Your grandmother's stories about her childhood      
  9. Your uncle's songs about the Vietnam War      
  10. Catching and cooking crawfish or making hot water cornbread      
  11. Building oyster boats      
  12. Tai chi      
  13. Auctioning livestock      
  14. Debutante balls      
  15. Gospel music      
  16. "Double Wedding Ring" quilt      
  17. Vietnamese food      
  18. Listening to Louisiana folklorist Nick Spitzer's "American Routes" show on public radio      
  19. Jump rope rhymes chanted by children      
  20. Teenagers' scary stories such as "The Hook"      
  21. Wooden toys made by patterns from Popular Mechanics magazine      
  22. Clementine Hunter's painting "Cotton Pickin' Time"      
  23. Garth Brook's "Friends in Low Places"      
  24. An architect-designed log house built by a construction firm in 1990      
  25. Historical accounts of the Civil War written in personal diaries      
  26. St. Joseph's Day altars      
  27. Email computer virus warnings      
  28. Exhibit of Sarah Albritton's paintings at an LSU gallery      
  29. Students' locker decorations      
  30. Rap music      

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