Unit 1 Defining Terms
Lesson 3 Folk Genres

Creating an Exhibit -- Group Checklist
Date _________________
Curators _____________________


You are a team of museum curators who must collaborate to create exhibits that are arranged by a theme. You are expected to share the exhibit with students in the school.


Evaluate your team's work for each exhibit by placing a check checkmark in the Team column. Your teacher will use the Teacher column to evaluate your work.

Quality Features

Self Teacher
Folk Genre Museum    
Told or wrote definitions of folklife, folk group, and folk genre.    
Classified words or cards into folk genres according to their unique characteristics.    
Explained why my cards belong in particular folk genres.    
Completed the task(s) assigned by my group.    
Group's exhibit delivers accurate information.    
Group's exhibit communicates findings about folklife.    
Word Quilts    
Wrote definitions of folklife, folk group, and folk genre.    
Wrote about folk group, and folk genres in my life.    
IGroup created a poem about our own folklife.    
Researched use of color, design, and arrangement for Log Cabin Quilts.    
Used appropriate color, design, and arrangement in the Log Cabin Quilt.    
Followed directions for designing the exhibit.    
All members completed the task(s) assigned by the group.    
The Word Quilt communicates findings about folklife.    
The Word Quilt delivers accurate information.    

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