(South Louisiana)
I have a quilt made by someone in my family. A family member taught me how to make gumbo. I know someone who grows oranges and sells them in front of their house. I know someone who owns a Job's Tears rosary. There is more than one boat in my backyard.
I've been to a wedding where guests pinned money on the bride and groom for a dance. The grocery store near me sells boudin. I have a shrine in my yard or house. I know who Dewey Balfa was. I know someone who participates in Easter Egg "Knocking" or "Pocking."
I have listened to zydeco music sometime in the past year. I preserved figs sometime in the last five years. I know someone who has competed in a rodeo. I have heard stories about hurricanes.
Someone in my family lives in a shotgun house. I have been to a crawfish boil this year. I know somebody who plays the accordion. I have a friend or relative who owns a Catahoula cur. I only drink Community Coffee.
I have eaten a spoonful of sugar in order to get rid of the hiccups. I can tell three Boudreaux and Thibodeaux jokes (be prepared to tell them!). I have whitewashed a relative's grave on All Saint's Day. I know what a frottoir is. My family fries fish on a burner outside.

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