(New Orleans)
I have attended a St. Joseph altar. I know how to make pralines. I have been down to the French Market. Someone in my family parades with a social aid and pleasure club. I know someone who uses the expression, "I'm going to make groceries."
I have a handmade quilt in my house. I have a shrine in my yard. I like to ride the streetcar. I ate rice for supper last night. There is a Mardi Gras Indian in my family.
I have gone to Louis Armstrong Park to hear music. I have a fig tree in my yard. The grocery store near me sells dressed poboys. My house has brickwork, plasterwork, or ironwork done by someone in my family.
I have been in a Mardi Gras parade. I have been to a crawfish boil. I march in a band. I know someone who received silver dimes after their First Communion. I have been to the Vietnamese market in New Orleans East.
I live in a shotgun house. Someone in my family caught a Zulu coconut. My church has more than two choirs. I eat snowballs in the summer. Someone in my family lives in a camelback house.

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