(North Louisiana)
I know what a Dr. Watts hymn is. My grandmother taught me how to quilt. I know someone who uses gourd birdhouses in their yard. I have listened to the blues in the past year. I have been to a river or lake baptism.
I know what a fice is. My family fries fish on a burner outside. I have a garden with more than one kind of pea or bean. I know someone who sells vegetables from their garden. I eat chicken and dumplings at home.
I own a split-oak basket. I preserved figs sometime in the last five years. I know that teacakes aren't cakes. My family uses shape notes to sing gospel songs.
I know someone who has competed in a rodeo at least twice. I have (or had) a relative who plays the fiddle. I have tatted doilies made by someone in my family. I have a relative who owns a Catahoula cur. There is a dogtrot house near my house.
I have eaten a spoonful of sugar in order to get rid of the hiccups. My field peas need a little help, so I use tomato relish. My church has more than two choirs. I've participated in or have attended an Easter Rock vigil. I have gone to a bluegrass festival in the last year.

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